Dimmable LED-lamps

With our dimmable LED-lamps it is possible to create sunrise, moon light and even thunderstorms in your aquarium. The high-power lamps are connected directly to ourProfiLux computers.

Due to the highly-developed dimming control of the ProfiLux Computer with the unique simulation programs for moon phases, clouds and thunderstorms, an extraordinary realistic illumination of your aquarium is possible.

In additon to the dimmable LED-lamps in spot-type, the LED-lamps are also available in stick-type in several versions.

Lamps with variably adjustable light or dark blue can be used as moon light (ProfiLux Moon), lamps with red light are perfectly suitable for the simulation of sunrise and sunset (ProfiLux Sunrise).

Furthermore we offer also combined lamps which are equipped with red and blue LEDs – both colours are of course separately dimmable (ProfiLux Simu). They have additionally extremely bright white LEDs with which you can simulate a thunderstorm.

If you want to connect more than 2 LED-lamps to your ProfiLux (in the cased of a ProfiLux II Light: more than 1 LED-lamp) than you have to use our active splitter ActiveL-Splitter.

  • ProfiLuxMoon-/ Simu-L
  • ProfiLuxMoon-/ Simu-Spot
  • ProfiLuxSunrise-/ Simu-L
  • ProfiLuxSunrise-/ Simu-Spot
  • ActiveL-Splitter