LED Control 1

LEDControl 1 Using LEDControl1 makes it possible to control certain LED-lamps with ProfiLux. You can use easily the manifold illumination and simulation functions of the ProfiLux for your LED-lamp, like sunset, clouds or moon phases. For the connection of an PSU (PSU is not part of the shipment) LEDControl1 is equipped with a DC-socket, the LED-lamp is connected to the plug of the red/black connection cable (length ca. 1.5 m). With the included western cable (length ca. 1 m) LEDControl1 is connected to an 1-10 V-interface of the ProfiLux (e.g. L1L2 oder L3L4). With a jumper inside the device you can select, if LEDControl1 should react to an uneven or an even 1-10 V-interface.

Technical Data

Max. operation voltage 20 V
Nominal current 700 mA
DC-socket for PSU 4,4 mm diameter opening; 1,65 mm diameter center pin (according JEITA RC-5302A JSAJ21); center pin = Plus
DC-plug for LED-lamp outer diameter 4,0 mm; inner diameter 1,7 mm (according JEITA RC-5320A JSAP2); center pin = Plus

LEDControl 1 is connection compatible to following LED-lamps:

AquaBeam 600 Ultra Light Fan



LEDControl1 is simply looped into LED-lamp and PSU – and you are ready to use the magnificent illumination functions of your ProfiLux!