Dosing Systems

Dosing technics

With our dosing pump units, the automatic addition of fluids becomes a no-brainer for you.

Trace elements, fertilizer or water can be dosed accurately to a millimetre. The programming is simple: You enter the daily amount and number of doses per day. Alternatively, you can also use timer functions if the dosing shall be done at specific times.

The dosing pump units are available in types of 1 to 4 pumps, single pumps can be  retrofitted later. For a better fluid change, each pump can be operated also manually.

The use of high-quality materials guarantees a long durability – and if a pump has to be replaced after many operating hours, then the replacement is quite simple, due to the modular design.

Besides the number of pumps per dosing pump unit, also the type of control is selectable. That is why two different versions are available:

Independent Dosing pump unit with integrated controller

It works stand-alone and does not need a ProfiLux Computer for operation. A second dosing pump unit without controller can be connected to it. Then up to 8 dosing pumps are available.
The menu-driven handling can be made via 6 keys and a blue/white display.

Dosing pump unit without integrated controller

It provides one interface for a connection to a ProfiLux Computer or to a dosing pump unit with integrated controller.

If the dosing pump unit is controlled by a ProfiLux with level control, then the pump can also be used for the automatic level control or water changes.

Technical data

  • Flow rate ca. 60ml/minute
  • Smallest flow rate per dosing ca. 1ml
  • Recommended max. dosing amount per day:
    ca. 40l

Single pump for retrofit