Cooling Technics

Aquarium fan PropellerBreeze

The extremely low noise and durable fan units with 3 to 5 fans cool the aquarium water effectively and low-priced with the evaporative heat loss and with a big volume flow.

The operation works with a safe low voltage (12V).

The fancy and noble designed aquarium fans have aluminium and stainless steel components and dispose of an universal, tiltable mounting device.

Energy saving power supply according Energy Star is included in the shipment.(ENERGY STAR and the ENERGY STAR mark are registered U.S. marks)


PropellerBreeze 3

195cbm/h, dimensions without mounting brackets 40x125x276mm

PropellerBreeze 4

260cbm/h, dimensions without mounting brackets 40x125x368mm


PropellerBreeze 5

325cbm/h, dimensions without mounting brackets 40x125x460mm

The brushless fan motors with ball bearing of the PropellerBreeze are now splash protected.
Though the fans should be mounted in a way that they are protected against condensing water or splashwater. Furthermore air with high salinity should be avoided, for example like it occurs above the sump. When you follow these recommendations you will take much pleasure in this equipment.


PropellerControl enables the ProfiLux Computer to operate the fan PropellerBreeze speed-controlled. PropellerControl is connected to a 1-10V-interface of the ProfiLux Plus (II).

Dependent on the excess of the desired temperature, the speed of the fan is set automatically. So the fan always rotates as fast as necessary and as low-noised as possible.