Profilux 3


ProfiLux 3 – the big computer with nearly unlimited expansion options … for the ambitious aquarist


Offers the same functions as Profilux II. Additionally, the electronics for the measurement of pH-value and temperature as well as level control are integrated. The temperature sensor is included in delivery.

ProfiLux 3 has furthermore two extension slots available. Therefore the aquarium computer can – according to your needs – be expanded for example with measurement modules.




Characteristics – Overview:


  • 32 channel illumination control for dimmable and non-dimmable lamps, herewith up to 32 lamps can be programmed separately
  • Sunrise and sunset
  • Moon phase simulation, calendar-based
  • Cloud simulation through random generator, thunderstorm calculation
  • Rainy days, programmable
  • Feed pause for pumps
  • Control of up to 16 speed-variable current pumps (ebb/tide and wave simulation)
  • Operation hour meter for lamps
  • Burning-in mode for fluorescent tubes
  • Battery-buffered real time clock
  • PC-interfaces RS232, LAN and USB are built-in, WLAN option, operation with free Windows™-Software ProfiLuxControl possible
  • Integrated webserver (viewing values and states, edit important settings) and email-client, DHCP, SNTP, TFTP, RSS
  • Connection option for external display
  • Display of reminder texts (e.g. “Filter change!”)
  • Control of up to 64 switchable power sockets and dosing pumps
  • 32 clock timer and dosing pumps programmable
  • Child protection via PIN-code
  • Simple and intuitive operation, all settings are made in form of interactive dialogues
  • All settings are stored in a non-volatile storage (FRAM) even during power failures
  • Computer is expandable with 2 additional modules, with our Expansion Box there are practical no limitations
  • Connection option for radio-controlled clock receiver (DCF)
  • Several aquarium computers can be networked
  • Regulation of the pH-value via CO2-addition (downwards) or via alkalisation (upwards), programmable nightly decrease
  • Sequential temperature control for glow bar, ground heating and cooling, programmable nightly decrease, speed-regulated fans controllable
  • Alarm function, output of the alarm optical, acoustic or via switchable powerbar
  • Operation hour meter for all sensors
  • Therapy program for ill fishes
  • With extension cards redox-, conductivity- and oxygen-values can be measured respectively regulated
  • Connection option for level sensors
  • Automatic calibration of all sensors
  • Recording of measurement data
  • Temperature sensor included in delivery