The ProfiLux Controllers of GHL

See your aquarium or terrarium  in a total new light!

Sunrise, moonlight or thunderstorm – the ProfiLux controller simulates all natural lighting conditions, therefore your fish or reptiles show their specific activity. Get professional know-how with the highly sophisticated ProfiLux controllers and keep your aquarium or terarrium as safe as possible.

Depending on the chosen model, with our ProfiLux controller you are able to control and measure elemental values for plants and animals such as temperature, ph-value, redox and dissolved oxygen.

The easy-to-use controllers can be operated intuitively. The systems are based on modern microprocessor technology and manage all tasks in your aquarium or terrarium using a special operating system developed by GHL

To make the initial startup easier, all relevant settings of ProfiLux controllers have factory defaults which are suitable for many cases. Hence it is adequate to change some parameters according to the specific circumstances. The menu-driven and intuitive operation of the device and the appealing display and key pad will support you too.