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Welcome to GHL North America. The home of ProfiLux for the Canadian and USA market.

The site has been developed to provide an easy navigation path for all prospective and existing clients to learn about GHL ProfiLux aquarium system computers and also locate all the accessories that are available to you.

GHL GmBH based in Kaiserslautern Germany have been the market leader globally of professional aquarium and terrarium computer systems for over 10 years, winning many awards for quality and innovation. GHL ProfiLux is known worldwide for being the system of choice when reliability and longevity is the most important factor. No compromise should be made in these two factors when a system is put in charge of protecting  your investment.

When investing in GHL ProfiLux products, you are investing in peace of mind that you have a system that will last the test of time and continue to be developed taking the lead in providing the latest innovative and reliable control needs for your aquarium or terrarium.

For support you can visit our Profilux Support forum.